Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hey, you forgot Spring!

PATTY:  It's like this:  in the morning the heat goes on and then one day by noon you need the AC.  No in between.  And you never get used to it, either.  Every year we complain about the same thing, but our expectations never change:  we expect Spring sometime in April and May.  Mostly we get either winter or summer. 

BHU:  That expektashun thing gets you efurry time, mom.  When you gonna learn?

PATTY:  Ahem.  Yes, well here we have a few photos of the morning so far at the Skypants B&B.  Clockwise from Top Left is close-up of Buddha Belleh Furz because they are so EXQUISITE!  Right is one of the most faithful irises -- blooms every year, no matter what and it's a glorious color that looks more burgundy than purple (or do I need new glasses).  And then Bottom Left is another Belleh Furz shot of the boy as he does his famous twisty roll to the edge of the bed.  I swear, he's gonna fall off one day.

BHU:  Don't be scared, mom.  I won't fall!