Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Impawtant!

Bhu:  See, this is ME!  I am being interviewed at Mousebreath today!  That must mean that I am impawtant, doncha think?
Patty:  I would assume so.  Mousebreath is one of my absolute FAVORITE things to read!  You're probably going to have a swelled head now.  As if you didn't already have one! 
Bhu:  Hmmmm, do ya think I should get an agent?  I mean, what if Anderson Cooper calls?  or Jimmy Fallon? 
Patty:  Oh, dear.  Another CeleBRATty has been born!  xxoo

Sunday, March 24, 2013

HIYO! More Snow!

Bhu:  I'm takin' a poll today.  Do you think mai mom has too many quilts?  Wait, don't answer yet!  Let me show you another piksher and then you can decide, bearing in mind this is only one side of the room.

So, whaddya think?  Of course, there's mai fort straight ahead and THAT's gotta stay no matter what!  And, as you can see from the furst photo, they are very soft and nice for napping. 

Patty:  So, what are you complaining about?  Geez!  Yes, we are having more snow.  I've already been out there once this morning to knock the heavy, wet snow off the trees, suet cages and bird feeders.  Even though there is a wind, the snow don't go nowhere!  It looks like effurrybody is gonna get a "last kiss" from Winter, so brace yourself! 

Stay warm and dry kittehs!  xxoo

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Here's to Annabelle O'Leary!

Patty:  I am not a Saint, but I am a Patty and I am sort of Happy today.  Not entirely; just sorta.  And, even though my ancestry is primarily European, I do have one great-great-grandmother whose name was Annabelle O'Leary, a distinctly Irish moniker.  I never met her nor have I ever met any Irish relatives, so I don't know why St. Patrick's Day has become a drinking holiday.  I might devote a little thought to that today . . . maybe.

This is a pile o' wood from our beloved Mulberry Tree that split in half during the twin snow storms last month.  Look at the color of that wood!  It's like honey!  There's another pile about twenty feet away:  a walnut tree.  The wood of that tree is the color of milk chocolate.  I have a very yummy yard at present!

I have been apprised of a general misunderstanding about our blog.  Pattyskypants is me, the human furless one.  Bhu is gloriously furry Himalayan kitteh in the photo up top.  Most often I speak for him because, well, frankly he's too lazy to lift his head and speak during his all too frequent naps.  Also, he's rather terse (if ya hadn't noticed)  I try to indicate when I'm speaking (Patty:) and when he is speaking (Bhu:), but I guess it is a bit confusing. 

Bhu:  What?  YOU, confusing?  [snerk, snerk]

Have a good day, all, but whatever you do DO NOT DRINK GREEN BEER!