Monday, February 20, 2012

Purresident's Day

Well, I owe you all a post but I broke the adapter and can't upload my photos. So, close your eyes and imagine:
(a) bright, golden crocus blooming out from under a mulch of dry brown leaves.
(b) rows and clumps of daffodils just about to blossom.
(c) rain barrel and irrigation system installed today by two young urban agriculturists. I'm thinking about dressing them up with hula skirts. Seriously, I've got to figure out a way to "camoflauge" them, although I am really proud of them. Of course, it's probably going to take ten years of "free" water to recoup the cost. LOL
(d) a pile of cute little crafter/gardening/harvest aprons that continues to grow as I still rifle through my stash for interesting print/plaid/stripe combos. I learned something about myself today, too: the more I do something, the worse I get at it. I think I just stop paying attention when it is no longer new and exciting. Most of the people I know who have a similar affliction are men.
(e) gift bags made for Valentine's Day. I think I have perfected the pattern, but quickly losing interest as recently stated.
But I know you are all anxious for a peek at Bhu and here he is! It's a Bhu Valentine, compliments of Ann of Zoolatry (although I tell Bhu it's from Maggy). By the way, Bhu is doing well these days, having taken to his new CRF food. He actually likes it but boy is it STINKY! He also insists on at least one Appetizer, preferably two. One thing the vet gave us that really helped with the transition from Fancy Feast to Royal Canin Renal LP: FortiFlora. These are little packets of probiotics that can be sprinkled on the food.

Hope the next time I post I will have fresh, new photos to share! xxoo Patty & Bhu

Monday, February 13, 2012

Be nice day!

We hope you all open up your hearts to the love around you! xxoo Patty, Bhu & Sabryin.

Valentine compliments of Jessie Lawson, proprietess of The Flying Cat Arthouse on Etsy.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can you help us?

Bhu had his annual vet appointment yesterday and got his shots and "behaved well." Generally, it went well: he acts much younger than his age and he impressed with his handsomeness and masculine demeanor! He hasn't lost any weight, but he is in the early stages of CRF, which means no more Fancy Feast and no more Appetizers!

The vet has made several suggestions for low protein foods that will help and I asked her if she knew of any recipes for home-made versions. So, I am asking all Bhu's furrends out there if you have any opinions or experiences with these foods and if you have recipes would you please share? I am googling the topic and finding information and some recipes, but nothing beats personal experience.

There was also some chatter about subcutaneous feeding, about which I am currently in denial. Have any of you had experience with this?

Today's photo is courtesy of Ann at Zoolatry. She made this portrait of Bhu long ago and I love it. Thank you, Ann! xxoo Patty

Monday, February 6, 2012


Bhu: Hai! I wants to apawlogize fur mai mom 'caws she hasn't been blogging very much lately. I will let her 'splain.
Patty: Well, I've been busy Bhu.
Bhu: You always say that. What exacktly duz that mean "BUSY?"
Patty: Doing laundry, ironing, going to market to get Appetizer and Fancy Feast, going to the office every day, mailing stuff for Poppy, going to the doctor,sewing, reading and taking care of you and Poppy!
Bhu: Well, yes . . . the Appetizers and Fancee Feests IS impawtant!
Patty: How do you like my new fabrics? I'm going to be making more aprons and bags from these. Most are Amy Butler, but there are a few other designers in there. By the way, I am going to start "Give-Aways" this year, so keep an eye open for that. In the meantime, don't forget next Tuesday is Valentine's Day! xxoo Patty