Saturday, January 21, 2012

Plasma Blob Zooms Toward Earth!

Seriously! The sun had a hissy fit and this thing got disconnected and is hurtling toward us at the speed of 2 million MPH! Should be here by early morning (EST, CST, PST? Who knows!) Aside from that bit of news, I have a few photos to share. If you notice the blog has a "new look" also. Unfortunately, my banner is now undersized, as are most of my photos. Anyhoo, this is my interpretation of the bull's eye quilt using Flora fabrics. It is double-sided and I had so much fun designing this (copyright pending)! Also, I have become addicted to making these bull's eyes! This is 40 x 40.
I also made this prototype for an apron that I plan to make for a friend who moved to what she calls a "hobby farm." It is, essentially, a harvest apron--the front part is one huge pocket. I got the idea from one of thirty or so sewing/crafting books I borrowed from the library this winter, so don't ask me which one . . . but the apron I've made takes only it's shape from the one in the book. My version is much sturdier, easier to wear and embellished. The fabrics are vintage (cotton by Peter Pan) and reminded me of feedsacks -- perfect for a farm apron.
Oh, and just in case the blob interrupts electronic communication in your area, here is a book I highly recommend. Flowers of the Renaissance! Perfect read for a cold winter day.
Bhu is sleeping, as usual.
The niacin is still causing horrible side effects.
We're having meatloaf for dinner.
xxoo Patty


Harry Spotter said...

Nice quilt. Hope that blob thingy does't crash into the earth anytime soon. I would love to make it to the Florida Primary.

Angel and Kirby said...

I like the quilt. Let me know when the pattern is available. That is a cool farmers harvest apron! I can see it full of tomatos and other fresh vegetables!

Sweet Purrfections said...

You are so creative!!! Maybe Ann can help you get your header back to the appropriate size.

Where's Uncle Bhu?


That's a beautiful quilt! We hope you can get your pictures re-sized.

The Florida Furkids

Cathi said...

I love that quilt! Th fabrics you've used are so much fun to look at!
Great idea for an apron.

Nancy said...

The side effects you mentioned are very common to niacin. You may want to cut back or stop completely. They are not nice to deal with.