Sunday, January 29, 2012

A lovely weekend

The weekend was very nice! Wonderful sun puddles everywhere I went. Mommy and Poppy had a good time together and I even got lots of ear scritches and pets! We went to visit GJ and he is doing better, so purrayers do work, sez mom. I'm kinda missin' Maggy, but mom sez Zoolatry is "off limits" fur a couple of weeks. Hope Maggy is okay! Anyway, mom is makin' another cheezecake -- she sez this is a diffurrent one than the last time (it has creeem cheeze in it). She's also been sewing lots of diffurrent things and sez she will show pitchers this week.
"That's PICtures, Bhu. You know, photographs."
Oh well, whutteffur. Hope you all had a lovely weekend, too. xxoo Bhu

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How I want to be fed:

Effurrybody needs a purrsonalized kitty bowl. Get one here!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Plasma Blob Zooms Toward Earth!

Seriously! The sun had a hissy fit and this thing got disconnected and is hurtling toward us at the speed of 2 million MPH! Should be here by early morning (EST, CST, PST? Who knows!) Aside from that bit of news, I have a few photos to share. If you notice the blog has a "new look" also. Unfortunately, my banner is now undersized, as are most of my photos. Anyhoo, this is my interpretation of the bull's eye quilt using Flora fabrics. It is double-sided and I had so much fun designing this (copyright pending)! Also, I have become addicted to making these bull's eyes! This is 40 x 40.
I also made this prototype for an apron that I plan to make for a friend who moved to what she calls a "hobby farm." It is, essentially, a harvest apron--the front part is one huge pocket. I got the idea from one of thirty or so sewing/crafting books I borrowed from the library this winter, so don't ask me which one . . . but the apron I've made takes only it's shape from the one in the book. My version is much sturdier, easier to wear and embellished. The fabrics are vintage (cotton by Peter Pan) and reminded me of feedsacks -- perfect for a farm apron.
Oh, and just in case the blob interrupts electronic communication in your area, here is a book I highly recommend. Flowers of the Renaissance! Perfect read for a cold winter day.
Bhu is sleeping, as usual.
The niacin is still causing horrible side effects.
We're having meatloaf for dinner.
xxoo Patty

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart Full of Grace

Bhu has a "new" place to snooze. Actually, in the last fourteen years, I'm sure this has been his favorite place a number of times! He's in a curly mood today. He's also doing a lot of "yakking up." Must have got into something, but I can't figure out what. Usually, it's plastic of some sort; or he gets into the basement foyer and nibbles on the sweet potato plant.

Today I finished the quilt made with the Flora fabrics, but haven't had time to take a photo yet. Also had a major allergic reaction this morning . . . felt like fire ants biting my ankles! I took a niacin tablet (just a B vitamin, right?) but forgot to take the baby aspirin an hour earlier. The doctor sez taking the baby aspirin lessens the Flushing effect of the niacin. Well, naturally, I turned BEET RED and then the fire ants in my pants! EEEYIII! Quickly, I swallowed the baby aspirin and an hour later the flushing and the fire ants subsided. Have you ever?? I also did some research about niacin and the side effects and found that one type of niacin -- the one it seems is most readily available in all grocery stores and pharmacies -- is highly hepatotoxic (damages the liver)! So I spent the day searching the pharmacy and natural foods stores and got the non-prescription formula that I thought would be safest. "Mom, why U take niacin anyway?" My doctor said it might work to lower my bad cholesterol, Bhu. Wonder if it will work.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The first week of 2012

Bhu's wish came true: "That I have as much Appetizer as I want."
I made this pair of handwarmers.
This was my REAL New York cheesecake made with ricotta, NOT cream cheese. Mr. Skypants loved it, but says he prefers the kind made with cream cheese. What can I say; he was born in Chicago (the SECOND city). Hmpph.
This was my birthday present, wrapped by Mr. Skypants himself. Wrapping is not his forte; buying IS. He loves to shop, whereas I do not. But I do like to make stuff and I have already made two things for him this year: a key case and a 'droid case.

We hope you have had a good start to the year! xxoo Patty & Bhu