Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bhu is on strike

He claims that as the "star" of the blog, he deserves more remuneration than just a few doses of Appetizer every day. He says he is not going to look at the camera until we come to a negotiated settlement. Fine. So, there will be no photo of Bhu in this post. I might sneak "vintage" film in; I might not. While the negotiations resume, here is a report on what I (Pattyskypants) have been up to.I was working on this quilt top the last time I posted and, as you can see it is done. Typically, the biggest delay in finishing quilts for me is finding the "right" backing fabric. I have too much fabric. In fact, today I was making a new tote bag out of decorator fabric samples and found a huge plastic bin FILLED with fabrics!! I don't even remember what's in there, but from what I could tell it is stuffed with large pieces of yardage, probably purchased for backings. Anyhoo, this one is pretty cute, 38 x 38 with a glorious sage green paisley for backing. Then I saw this cute little "Firecracker" quilt and decided to make it. I don't buy patterns; I make my own. I have a calculator, I'm good with math, so why not? I always enjoy using 30's repro fabrics. I drafted a pattern to make the units 6", but that turned out to be too big. I might make another one in 1800's repro fabrics, but redraft for 4" units instead. Not sure what border will evolve around this. And then there is the garden. Peppers and basil are going strong; tomatoes are going . . . well, WHAT tomatoes? At this point I have a handful of little yellow pear tomatoes, but that's it. I found a little intruder in the butterfly plant -- can you see him??
Okay, Bhu, so are you ready to resume the negotiations? "I will wait until mai loyer gets here." In the meantime, would you like some Fancy Feast? "Yes, negosheeayshun makes me hungree." xxoo

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot enuf 4 U??

When it's hot, the peppers seem to thrive. Not much else does, though. I can't remember the last time I could go outside at 3 in the afternoon and not gasp for air. I have stopped watching television for fear I will hear yet another apocalyptic forecast about the "deadly heat index." Instead, I am pretending it's "just summer" and water the garden and go about my business as usual. And I quilt in the very cool sewing room! I finished one top last weekend and pinned it up Friday, quilted it yesterday and am sewing on the binding today. This morning I finally pinned up the Amy Butler III project: then quilted it and sewed on the binding. This should keep me busy for a couple of days! This will keep me busy after that! I'll be making 6" blocks and using 30's repro fabric because someone is bound to have a baby soon and this will be a really cute gift. As for Bhu, he never goes out anyway, so it's all the same to him. "Just feed me and, oh, I left something for you in the litter box." Hmmmmm. Thanks, Bhu!

Self-hypnosis tip: "I love the heat. I really, really do. Love it! Honest!

Friday, July 15, 2011

sizzzzzlin' hot summer daze

Very hot and humid with unspeakable heat index! Nothing to do but take a nap:

or let Summer dry your laundry for free:

or sit back and watch the double daylily and purple liatris grow:

or notice that there is a "mystery" squash growing in one of the compost bins:

or sew all of your little Broken Crockery blocks together in color ways because you can't decide how to "randomize" them:

and then start a new quilt.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Camembert & Chamomile

Yet another way to use half-square triangles! Nancy e-mailed this Broken Crockery pattern to me and, although I didn't follow the pattern, I was able to wipe out another basket of half-square triangle thread-saver units! Man, there was some UGLY fabric in there and a lot of very, very poly blends that I decided not to use at all. Not to mention the fact that I am completely stunned by the variety of muslins I have used over the years! My thread-saver units are really quite a fabric archive of the late 20th century. Makes me sound old and that's about the facts Jack! LOL
And now, I know you have all been waiting to check in with the Bhu. He's not purring for me anymore, he sez. All because I locked him out of the bedroom Wednesday night. He likes to sleep next to my feet at the bottom of the bed, but I was ill and needed to sleep. The night before I had kicked him in the head at least three times, so it was done for HIS safety. But he doesn't understand that. "You LIE!" He has been sulking since Thursday morning and no matter how much I pet him and coo at him and love him up, he won't purr. He won't purr for Appetizers, either.

So, be that way. "Hmmpphhhf!"