Friday, April 15, 2011

Some things

"Furst, there has been too much noize around here! Second, U locks me in the bedroom all day an' I getz lonely and hungrrreee and unhappy! Thurd, that guy keeps calling me THE CAT and plays country music all day on his radio. TOO MUCH NOIZE!"
Well, I'm really sorry about the noise and the lonely time and the incarceration, Bhu. By the end of the day today we should have a better bathroom!


Angel and Kirby said...

Bhu, hope remodeling projects are loud but will be worth it!

Sweet Praline said...

How dare that man call you "the cat". You're my sweet Bhu!

Nancy said...

Poor, dear Bhu - such abuse. However, I know your Momma would never do anything to harm you, so keeping you in one room is to keep you safe, dear boy. As for the man calling you "the cat", sadly, not everyone loves our fur babies as much as we, so just attribute it to his being among the uninitiated, poor man. See what a chance you have to convince him that our pets are wonderful family members?