Thursday, February 3, 2011

Punxatawny Who?

The blizzard came on Tuesday. Basically,it snowed all day and all night. The wind was gusting to 40 mph, so I put quilts over all the windows that face north and I thought I would need an extra quilt for sleeping, too. This is the one I chose, never before used. There's a myth about the first time you sleep under a new quilt: that the dreams will be amazing and portentious. I can attest to the fact that the dreams were amazing!
Yesterday morning was a bright, clear bitterly cold day with 19" of snow on the ground with five foot drifts! The snow wasn't too deep at the top of the drive, but there was at least 20" at the bottom. We have only one shovel (and I swear to you that I will move to Florida before I buy a second shovel!!!), so we took turns. After three hours, it was done!
Only problem, as you can see, is the snow in the street is 18" high. No way we can get out. No plows are on the way. Are we having cabin fever?

Stay warm honeybuns! xxxoo Patty & Bhu & Sabryin


Angel and Kirby said...

That is a lovely quilt. I had not heard that myth about the dreams! We did not have that much snow, but 2 inches of ice and days of below freezing and rolling blackouts is giving up cabin fever!

Kea said...

Oh, what fun, says our mom, sarcastically.

We got about a foot here, we think. (On top of all the snow already down, of course.) The mom took a vacation day and shovelled three times, still hasn't finished it.

We all are craving GREEN and WARMTH!


Oh so you were dreaming how to get one of my dolls? Well, I need to see a photo of you shoveling snow my dear. The cats need a laugh for the day and so do I. hee hee hee

Alice said...

Oh, snow...
I love it so much!
I’m already following your blog! Really loved it! Very gorgeous!!
So, could you please follow me, and the blog's twitter? @blogspm
Well, my blog is in Portuguese but you can comment in English, I’ll understand…
Thanks a lot!

Nancy said...

Who is Sabryin? New addition? PLEASE share the pattern of this quilt.