Monday, June 21, 2010

Pater Dias

Hey, Bhu! How U do on Father's Day? "Me is glad U is mai poppy. Pet me and give me Appetizer now!" All days of commemoration turn out the same way for Bhu: pets and food. Hmmmm, I'm now wondering if it's any different for the 'beins? Maybe not!

We are catapulting through the summer, but it is fun! I'm happy to finally be able to spend hours and hours in the sun and in the heat without getting very ill. Thanks to my doctor for figuring out that hydrochlorothiazide was an evil toxin and taking it off my list of meds. People always ask, "How's retirement?" and I have to say that the University is dawdling with processing my retirement so I don't anticipate seeing a penny of my pension for several months nor do I have prescription coverage. And I'm working part-time. I do have more time for fun in the mornings, though! A couple of weeks ago I took another art class and this week I'm going to learn how to can! I'm working on several fiber projects and have even mulched the garden! Stuff is getting done! I'm not sitting around wondering "What will I do with my life?" I'm not inviting girlfriends to lunch every day; I'm not lonely, but I guess that's because of the part-time job. Who knows. Anyway, I'm what you could call "Happy." Sorta. xxoo Patty


The Creek Cats said...

Sounds like you're enjoying your retirement! Bet the art class is so much fun!

Hi Bhu!

Angel and Kirby said...

WE are glad that you know what was causing your health issues and have removed them! Retirement takes time to get use to! At least you are keeping busy doing things you like!

Jacqueline said...

Sounds like you are choosing happiness and that's all you can do on a daily basis!...Hope they process your retirement paperwork soon and get that pension coming in...Carpe diem Patty...Have a great week and enjoy your projects...kisses x3 to gorgeous Bhu...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Sweet Praline said...

So glad you found out what was causing the health problems. I can't believe your retirement hasn't been processed yet!

Enjoy bunches of special hugs with Bhu.


Wow, I guess a 16 cylander word would cause some health problems!

OMG, they haven't processed your retirement yet? Hope they do soon!!!! Rog is working on his third retirement. We just started getting the second retirement ln May from PERS. (Or maybe that was PURRS? lol)