Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad Hair Day!

It's summer in Florida, so Maggy and Zoey got their furs shorn! It's so sad to see all that superfluff GONE! All that Maggy has left is her superfluffy tail and superfluffy face! So, me invites her to come and snuggle in mai belleh furs so she can gets warm! "Ur belleh is so luxurious, Bhu! Thanks fur the invite!" Mai plesure, Maggy. Maybe later mai mom will gives us some Fancee Feest Appetizers! "This gets better all the time! Bhu, U iz a very good boyfurrend!" Aw, shucks, Maggy! xxoo

Well, the human is not in very good stead with Bhu today because she locked him in the basement all night by mistake. Fortunately, there are lots of piles of quilts down there, so I'm sure he didn't want for a cozy place to sleep. "But me was lonely fur U!" Well, I wondered why you didn't come in for your regular 3 a.m. petting/purring session. I slept all night through. "U didintz miss me?" Well, yes, we did miss you! Sabryin ran all over the house this morning looking for you and wouldn't leave for work until he found you and gave you a big kiss. Do you remember that? "Hmmmph!"

Friday, April 16, 2010


You remember these folks, right? Sabrina the Teenage Witch, her two lovely aunts (Hildy and Zeldy), and Salem, whose catitude involves world domination. I love this show! Few things cheer me up as completely as the Toaster Mail from The Other Realm. Netflix has the seasons' episodes and I am watching them ALL! I need a little cheer these days while suffering with another two week long gout attack. This week I finally broke down and got myself a handicapped parking tag.
This is what has happened to the Bowtie blocks! The top is ready to be sandwiched and quilted. Also working on several other projects concurrently: (a) waiting for fabric to arrive from an online search to make a pretty quilt for a special furrend; (b) string blocks made from those tiny little strips that are always left over (my motto: "Use Everything. Waste Nothing."); and (c) summer sleep pants made from ikat fabric I purchased back in the early '70s (it's soooooooo soft!). This renaissance is due to the fact that I finally purchased a TV for the sewing room. Even though I rarely turn it on, I just feel it is more hospitable. Also, it's spring and we need a TV in the basement for when the tornado sirens go off (usually at 2 a.m.). Unfortunately, the sleeping couch is covered in piles of fabric.
The worst part about storm sirens going off at 2 a.m. is Bhu. "Whachu mean?" Well, you never want to come downstairs with us. You make us chase you all over the house and then you scratch and claw! Very unpleasant. "Me no likes basement." Bhu, we're just trying to save you from the storm! That's why we put you in the carrier, zip it up, and haul you down there. "Maybe if you puts Appetizers down there, too." Bhu, U R 2 MUCH! xxoo Patty

Pee Ess: Here's the "HUH?" part of this post. Mary J. Blige was on Oprah the other day singing "Stairway to Heaven" . . . YES, Led Zeppelin. Hmmmm.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Schpringa 2

This is what you think is going to happen when you buy that bag of 10 daffodils at the hardware store. Clue: It's been 20 years since I planted these. They do spread, or "naturalize" as master gardeners might say, but it takes a while. Just like your butt would do after working in an office job for twenty years. The Cotton Candy Redbuds are blooming now! Just LOVE the color!
Here's the collage I created at my first art class in 40 years. It's not finished, but I am very pleased with it. Unfortunately, I just visited my friend Wanda's blog "A Frayed of Fibers" and this doesn't come anywhere near as creative as all her projects. In due time, Wanda. In due time!

Bhu snoozes. He's been having a hard time keeping his food down these days, but he seems pretty healthy and happy. He's even getting used to having me home all day! "Whatevers. U iz more quiet than usual." xxooo Patty