Friday, December 31, 2010

What's Up With 2011?

Whatcha doin' Bhu? "Me iz watchin' fur nooo yeer to comes." Do you see anything yet? "juss skwurrels an' boids." Well, at least there's no snow! "Yet." Hmmm, you are so right! "U gots any revolutions to make?" Uh, do you mean resolutions? "No, revolutions! U know -- changes that has to be made fur the noo yeer." Okay, I guess that makes sense. Yes, there will be a revolution in the way I do laundry, as I am going to purchase a dryer! I have always been too green to get one, but now arthritis is making it difficult to iron. Also, there will be a revolution in the way I cook in 2011 because I am going to get a new stove! The old one is over 30 years old and only two of the burners are working at this point! And then, finally, there will be a revolution in the way I work in 2011, I hope. Keep your paws crossed for this one, Bhu! There's also going to be a revolution in the UFO population of the house!
Baskets of little thread-saver units taking over my sewing table. Something will have to be done!
Some will be used to create little blocks, like these.
Admittedly, some are quicker to inspire than others, but I'm up to the task!

Finally, Bhu and I hope all our family and furrends will have a prosperous, happy, healthy 2011. "They deserves it!" xxoo Patty & Bhu

Friday, December 24, 2010

R-rated Santa Story

I can never remember a time when I "believed" in Santa Claus. I always knew that the presents came from people but figured they gave the credit to Santa because if you didn't like the present they could blame it on him or you ("You must have been a bad girl this year, Patty. That's why you didn't get that diamond tiara you asked for!") You know that little girl in "Miracle on 34th Street?" Yeah, well that's ME! I would sit on Santa's lap and he would ask me what I wanted and I would tell him, "But my mommy already knows what I want."

My sister Bobby was a Present-Whisperer. Around about October she would sneak through every room of the house searching for and peeking into boxes. By the week before Christmas, she knew what everyone was getting. I guess she didn't believe in Santa, either. But look at her in this picture (if you can get past my HUGE feet! LOL!). This photo must have been taken at my cousin's house (blond girl in the middle holding barely visible doll). Bobby is on the left and you can see how carefully her doll has been perched beside her; she has chosen to portray the doll as a friend. I am holding my doll and her arms are all awry ("Hey, Santa! Let me outta here! This kid has no idea how to treat a doll of my stature!") It is obvious I did not like dolls. Nor did I like the prissy lace collar and petticoat that, by now, my mother was forcing me to wear. Ish.

Anyhoo, we are having a snow incident today, so it is a white christmas, for sure. Hope you all have a good one! Bhu is gonna sleep through this one just like he slept through the last one. xxoo Patty

Thursday, December 16, 2010

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray . . .

. . . but Bhu is on a rug in the kitchen hallway.
"Me likes this rug, mom! Thanks fur makin' it fur me!" My pleasure, Bhu! I have been busy making quilts these days and here is a photo of one I just finished. This is for a couple of Sabryin's friends who are going to have their first baby. Do you think they will like it? "Me likes all ur quilts, mom!" Oh, smoochy smooch smooch, Bhu!
In fact, I like this so much, I decided to make at least one for myself, too. I found another basket of these pinwheels and will set them on point, but I'm not sure about the spacer fabrics. Then, I found three more baskets of these little units and can't wait to start putting them together!

In the meantime, I want to add a couple of blogs to my favorites over on the other side of the page. First, "Advanced Style" has been a real spirit booster for the past year at least. Second is "Notes from the Voodoo Cafe," which inspires me to be ME every day! I hope you'll visit each one and also share with me your favorite blogs! xxoo Patty

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Interesting kitteh gifts for hoomans, compiled by friend Jessie. Also, visit her Etsy store for fantastic collage, cards and other art items featuring kittehs.
I have been working to turn baskets of UFO's into baby quilts. I am having SUCCESS! One is for Sabryin's friends and the other is because I like the one I am making for Sabryin's friends so much, I want one of my own (without the baby, thank you very much!). Now I have my eye on another basket of xmas prints flying geese. What will become of them???

Bhu sleeps on the bed while the wind blows and the temperatures drop thirty degrees. It is winter, after all. I am thinking that, as a human, I am completely flawed. But I make a PERFECT alien! xxoo Patty

Friday, December 10, 2010

What's Up Pussycat?

"Who's dat hansom kitteh on da plate?" Why that's YOU Bhu! We sent a photo of you to Janie and she made this plate. Cool, huh? It's too purrity to use, though, so we hang it on the wall.

Life is evolving here at Bhu's house . . . mostly me trying to figure ME out! I realize I am a person who naturally feels comfort in patterns or systems. One only has to watch me hang laundry to know this the case. For every task that has to be performed, I create a process that considers the next step and the goal. Many people do this, consciously or not. In some cases, this creates a bit of artificiality because there is always a "flow chart" in my head as I plod through my day. On the other hand, this "habit" of mine has enabled me to (a) make a living, (b) make quilts, and (c) stay out of jail and maintain a good credit rating [er, at least I THINK it's good]. Knowing this, the transition of full-time wage slave to part-time retiree has provided more time for spontaneity, and this is where I am stuck. Just so you know.

So, Bhu, what's up with you? "Well, me has been following U all over the house when U iz here. Sleepin'. Pukin'. Eatin' and screamin' fer Appetizer. Sheddin' and lickin' mai furs 'til me gets hairballs the size of mackerel!" Yes, I have been noticing this. You have a lot of patterns, too. But you also have access to more pets and lovin' than before. "Uh huh. Me likes that part. prrrrrrrrrrrrr." xxooo Patty

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Annifurrsery #10

"Hey, mom! Could U wash mai face? Me gotz dust on it!" Sure, Bhu. I think it only adds to your handsomeness, though. "Me wantsta say Happy Annifurrsery to U and poppy!" Well, thanks, Bhu. We have been married for ten years, but we've been together for 27. "Wow! Twentee Seven is a LONG TIME!" Can't get too much of a good thing, you know!
This summer I tried to sign up for a weaving class, mostly because I wanted to make rugs from fabric scraps. In order to take the class, I had to sign up and wait for the instructor to contact me because spaces were limited and because they wanted to make sure I was really going to put the effort into learning and showing up for each class. So I waited and waited and the day of the class came and no one ever called me. Two weeks later, someone called and asked if I thought I was going to be able to come to the next class, since I'd missed the first two! HUH? So, I took matters into my own hands and decided to teach myself how to weave and make fabric scrap rugs and here is the result of test #1. Whaddya think??
All I did was take 1-1/2" to 2" strips of fabric and fold them around 1" strips of scrap batting. Then I zigzagged down the middle. I wanted to make a 2 ft x 3 ft rug to start, so I cut a foundation and tacked it to the bassement sewing room door. I then pinned the strips across the foundation until it was wide enough. Then I took more 1-1/2 to 2" strips of fabric, folded and zigzagged (no batting fill) and wove them as you can see. It was really difficult to keep the weaving from "shrinking" in the middle because I was fairly intent on having a tight weave. At one point I had to go back and unweave half of what I had done. However, at no point during this process did I ever feel it was tedious. I enjoyed every minute of it. After I had the length, I had to bind it top, bottom and sides. What a fun project!
Another project that is in the final stages of completion is #3 in the series of Amy Butler quilts. For the backing I sewed together 12 fat quarters of Amy fabrics. I'm not really fond of this technique, but I'm tired of buying fabric when I already have enough to clothe an entire village!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?!? YIKES! xxoo Patty

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Bhurfday to ME!

"It's mai bhurfday again!" How old are you, Bhu? "Me is THURTEEN!" Congratulations! Sabryin made something special for you! "But it's PINK! Me is MANcat!" Oh, you are so traditional, Bhu. Live it up a little! It's strawberry! YUM! Look how hard he worked to make that cake for you -- he did it all by himself! And look at those cute little candles, which he picked out himself. Blow out the candles and make a wish!

Me wish for Tuna!

xxoo Patty

Sunday, October 10, 2010


"U missed it! Me is mortified!" What did I miss, Bhu? "LiveStrong Day!" Okay, well, I apologize because I know so many people who are dealing with cancer right now. Just because I didn't blog about it doesn't mean I don't care. I care A LOT! Every day I think about how wonderful it would be to find a cure or a treatment that doesn't kill the good parts of our bodies! Every day I send much love and healing strength to the warriors in the trenches and their families and friends. xxoo "Okay. Well, me furgives U."
Last weekend Sabryin and I went to one of the city parks that centers around a wonderful lake. I'm not successful at walking very much these days but I love crossing the lake over the boardwalk and watching the water glisten under the sun. I like being lazy and have been particularly neglectful of everything these past few weeks. I find myself sleeping very late, even though I go to bed very early. I AM trying to work more on my various fiber projects and am finding that I would prefer to continue working on those projects rather than going in to work. But going to work provides me with an opportunity to be around other people and to MAKE MONEY, which is VERY important to me right now. The other day I ventured deep into the recesses of one of my closets and found several "career" outfits I need to take to the vintage shop. And then there are the books and lps and all! Seriously, any of you who have a need for a specific vintage fabric from the 70's, 80's or 90's, please send me a photo of what you need. We can work out a DEAL! xxoo

Friday, October 1, 2010

More Skypants Secrets!

I used to think I was an artist, but now I realize I'm just a misfit. "Hmmm, well me coulda told U that!" Okay, Bhu, YOU should talk! So what's this newest little habit of yours? "Huh?" A couple of weeks ago I started eating Eggos for breakfast and I let you lick a little of the butter off the plate. Now every time I toast an Eggo, you come over to me begging, licking your lips, drooling all over the place waiting for your butter. Actually, "Waiting" isn't the word. More like SCREAMING at me for your butter. You're not even interested in Appetizer anymore! Just BUTTER! "Pleeze be quietz! U makes too much noize!"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Insert Clever Title Here

"Me is not gonna smile fur the camra. Me is eatin' so go away." Well, I just wanted to show everyone your Kitteh Bhuffet! What a lucky one you are to have both Appetizer and BFF Tuna & Bonito Flakes. "Sez U."
Having some fun today working on several quilt and fiber projects. In this photo you can see a pile of melon shapes that are leftovers from a quilt I am currently making using Amy Butler Midwest Modern prints. These will be used as appliques in yet another top, but not sure which of Amy's prints I will use for background. Not a big fan of her latest. May I say I think she is getting a little too "corporate" for my taste. In this photo you can also see what a zealous repurposer I am! I actually save all those little tiny scraps and then sew them onto a backing. Eventually, they will all then be sewed together to make a bag or a bookcover or some other practical yet decorative item.
And then there is the new nine-patch, which I am making for ME!

I'm appalled to see that I haven't been here to visit for over a month! Today is supposed to be a very lucky day for me, so I am going to buy a lottery ticket. Not quite sure why I associate "Luck" with money, but there you go! I know I'm lucky to live in this town where there is always something going on! Today there are two farmer's markets, an art fair, a heritage festival, a Mizzou football game and so much free, live music it would be impossible to see and hear it all! Next month is the Citizen Jane Film Festival, Artrageous Friday, a visit back East, and a weaving course. I started two new careers these past few weeks as well: psychological experiment participant and e-merchant. Soon I will be stocking an Etsy store with vintage items and sewing supplies (fabric, notions, and patterns). You all have a great day now!! xxoo Patty

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Skypants Secrets

This is for Wanda who last month mentioned that in all the years she's known me, she still doesn't know what I look like. That's probably pretty common among 'puter pals. This is a photo of HAPPY, SMILING ME. That's my sister. She had red hair and blue eyes surrounded by white eyelashes and white brows. She was pretty cute, but she was always afraid to smile for the camera so all of her childhood photos feature an impressive facial contortion of one type or another. My first memory of my sister was when I was about two or three. I was wandering around our house from room to room looking for the sunlight. I finally found it and paused to enjoy the warmth and brightness. Suddenly, I felt a wrenching, deep pain in my back. Instinctively, I put my arm around to touch the pain and when I brought my hand back I could see red stuff. So I waddled off to find my mother to tell her "Bobby did something to my back." She looked and exclaimed "Oh my, God!" and promptly ministered to my wound. Apparently, Bobby had decided to flavor test me with her new teeth. Fortunately, she decided I wasn't as tasty as cookies or bananas!!

A quick report, but no endearing photo of Bhu, who sleeps as I share this. We have found an additional brand of food that he tolerates well (Weruva), available only at another local pet shop "Treats Unlimited." At TU, they make fantastic treats for woofies and as I was checking out one of the clerks was taking an order for a custom-made birthday cake for some lucky pup! In any case, the issue for Bhu seems to be "grain-free" or "gluten-free." There is no more puking; his skin is delightfully free from blippies; his cat box is well-used but tidy. I would strongly suggest to all of you whose kittehs have digestive or skin problems to rush out and experiment with the gluten-free foods that are now available. They're hard to find (except on the internet) and you have to experiment with the flavors (for instance, Bhu unceremoniously turned up his nose at the Mackerel & Pumpkin flavor and walked away muttering something akin to "FAILURE!") and textures (Bhu likes supah-moist food).

The garden this year suffered from the intense heat and rain. We are cooled off a little today with a bright, blue sky and lower humidity. So far, only a few tomatoes and peppers and lotsa basil. I am attempting to grow "late" squash and more grape tomatoes and will start a cold frame soon for greens and possibly peas. But the overall grade for this summer is: C, and that's only because the caladiums are so totally exquisite this year.

Please be kind to Mother Earth. She loves me and I know she loves you, too.

P.S. I got my copy of Susan Shie's Kitchen Tarot and have read the guidebook and will do a reading in the very near future. Stay tuned! xxoo Patty

Saturday, July 31, 2010

'nip 'n news

We have a new, wonderful locally-owned natural pet store! We can haz 'nip toys! All of Bhu's furrends have 'nip cigars, but we don't like smoking so we got him a 'nip 'bow. We also have found a wonderful menu of gluten-free kitteh foods made by Best Friends Foods. Check out the menu!
For the past few months, Bhu had been having a lot of digestive problems (puking) and little "blippies" on his skin, which greatly disturbed me and which entirely ruined our berber carpet. He would often be "pokey" and obviously not happy or feeling well. The vet has been no help, whatsoever, and as some of you might know, I had been making food for him consisting largely of chicken and livers. Ultimately, he stopped eating these as well because, although a splendid occasional treat, a steady diet of this was too rich for him. The "gluten-free" seems to be key. Since we have been feeding him this (his fave flave is "Tuna & Bonito BE MINE recipe"), he has not puked once and makes regular kitty box visits that are completely normal. Also, his fur is SO SILKY and his skin is entirely clear of blippies!! The BEST part, however, is the cost: $1.27 per 5.5 oz can. I would encourage any of you who have geriatric kittehs with digestive problems to try these foods. Let me know how it goes!
"Me will KILLZ this 'bow!" Oh, yes, Bhu! You is totally FIERCE 'BOW WARRIOR!

xxxoooo Patty

Monday, July 5, 2010

Wai U Makes So MUCH NOIZES???

Sorry, Bhu! Fourth of July has some good things and some bad things. You like it when I sing the Star Spangled Banner, right? "Uh huh! And the Kids Bike Parade is always fun, too. But me no likes the BOOM BOOM WORKS!" Well, there are a lot of Americans who think if they're not shooting something, they're not being patriotic. I have no explanation for you. Just hide under the covers with me, K? "Purrrfect."
And now we'd like to introduce our mimosa in bloom!! My bedroom window looks down into the top of this and the blossoms have been attracting so many hummingbirds! The beauty of this is so uplifting, it's difficult to describe! This summer has been good, so far, even though the weather has been too cold, too hot, too rainy at times and sometimes all in the same day!
Our window boxes are looking good, even though I planted them in June! There was a little toad hiding in one for a while, but he has apparently moved on. Bhu especially loves watching "the critters" from the window, perched on his quilt. Aside from all the fun in the garden these days, I have been working part-time and enjoying it, especially the part about the pay check, since I have yet to hear from the University regarding my pension. But I don't want to complain because every day I wake up and look out the window and exclaim "It's a BEAUTIFUL day!" xxoo Patty

P.S. Sabryin took the top two photos with his new Canon Powershot SX120.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pater Dias

Hey, Bhu! How U do on Father's Day? "Me is glad U is mai poppy. Pet me and give me Appetizer now!" All days of commemoration turn out the same way for Bhu: pets and food. Hmmmm, I'm now wondering if it's any different for the 'beins? Maybe not!

We are catapulting through the summer, but it is fun! I'm happy to finally be able to spend hours and hours in the sun and in the heat without getting very ill. Thanks to my doctor for figuring out that hydrochlorothiazide was an evil toxin and taking it off my list of meds. People always ask, "How's retirement?" and I have to say that the University is dawdling with processing my retirement so I don't anticipate seeing a penny of my pension for several months nor do I have prescription coverage. And I'm working part-time. I do have more time for fun in the mornings, though! A couple of weeks ago I took another art class and this week I'm going to learn how to can! I'm working on several fiber projects and have even mulched the garden! Stuff is getting done! I'm not sitting around wondering "What will I do with my life?" I'm not inviting girlfriends to lunch every day; I'm not lonely, but I guess that's because of the part-time job. Who knows. Anyway, I'm what you could call "Happy." Sorta. xxoo Patty

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girly TuTu

Watchu doin', Bhu? "Keepin' mai furrz clean and neat." That old wooden chair is nice and cool in the summer, huh? "But it iz slippurry." Well, nothing can be purrrfect! "Why U call this post Girly TuTu?" I felt like it. Sometimes words can be like musical notes or percussion, you know, as in Doo wop doo wah or Sha na na. "Did some other 'beans effur tell U yer brain works diffrent furrum theirs?" Allatime! "No wonder."

Lately I've caught myself sobbing about the oil spill. People seem so unfazed by the catastrophe! It's still pouring forth! There are a few "fundraising" efforts, but PEOPLE! This is NOT a natural disaster! This is a CORPORATE CRIME AGAINST THE EARTH! WTF! If my anger upsets anyone, just know this: I have had a "I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!" conversion. I've tried to be nice, but it doesn't work. So, be forewarned. xxooo Patty

Friday, May 14, 2010

Me No Works!

"Whatcha been doin' all these past two weeks?" Well, Bhu, I got an e-mail from work telling me to STOP WORKING!, so I did. This was so they could clean up my earned vacation and get me retired. Today is my last day, officially, of not working as a full-time employee! This is my last day of paid vacation . . . no more sick leave, paid holidays -- NUTHIN'! I am on my own now. No more checking e-mails on Christmas Eve! No more going to work on New Year's Day to submit a grant proposal on! And, I will keep getting paid to NOT WORK! However, there's lots more work I do for no wages.
"Like whatz?" Jeez Loueez! Like going to the UPS Store to mail packages for Sabryin; going to the grocery store to get milk, bread, and FANCY FEAST all the time; interminable loads of laundry and piles of ironing; dusting, sweeping, washing dishes, making beds, emptying waste baskets! Ay yi yi! And, now that I'm home all day you seem to have developed this attitude that I should be your treats slave. You follow me around EVERYWHERE -- even the bathroom -- to remind me that it might be time to give you another Appetizer or liver treat! And you have become rather belligerent about it! "Hmmphff! Me desurvz treats!" Ish.
Plus, there is a lot of quilting to do. The Bowtie quilt is completed.
Just a bit more quilting on the string scrap quilt, still with the safety pins in the border.
I've gone this far with the pink stars UFO and now need to decide on a border. Not to mention the quilt in progress for our special furrend!

So even though I stopped "working," I've been pretty busy! xxoo Patty

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad Hair Day!

It's summer in Florida, so Maggy and Zoey got their furs shorn! It's so sad to see all that superfluff GONE! All that Maggy has left is her superfluffy tail and superfluffy face! So, me invites her to come and snuggle in mai belleh furs so she can gets warm! "Ur belleh is so luxurious, Bhu! Thanks fur the invite!" Mai plesure, Maggy. Maybe later mai mom will gives us some Fancee Feest Appetizers! "This gets better all the time! Bhu, U iz a very good boyfurrend!" Aw, shucks, Maggy! xxoo

Well, the human is not in very good stead with Bhu today because she locked him in the basement all night by mistake. Fortunately, there are lots of piles of quilts down there, so I'm sure he didn't want for a cozy place to sleep. "But me was lonely fur U!" Well, I wondered why you didn't come in for your regular 3 a.m. petting/purring session. I slept all night through. "U didintz miss me?" Well, yes, we did miss you! Sabryin ran all over the house this morning looking for you and wouldn't leave for work until he found you and gave you a big kiss. Do you remember that? "Hmmmph!"

Friday, April 16, 2010


You remember these folks, right? Sabrina the Teenage Witch, her two lovely aunts (Hildy and Zeldy), and Salem, whose catitude involves world domination. I love this show! Few things cheer me up as completely as the Toaster Mail from The Other Realm. Netflix has the seasons' episodes and I am watching them ALL! I need a little cheer these days while suffering with another two week long gout attack. This week I finally broke down and got myself a handicapped parking tag.
This is what has happened to the Bowtie blocks! The top is ready to be sandwiched and quilted. Also working on several other projects concurrently: (a) waiting for fabric to arrive from an online search to make a pretty quilt for a special furrend; (b) string blocks made from those tiny little strips that are always left over (my motto: "Use Everything. Waste Nothing."); and (c) summer sleep pants made from ikat fabric I purchased back in the early '70s (it's soooooooo soft!). This renaissance is due to the fact that I finally purchased a TV for the sewing room. Even though I rarely turn it on, I just feel it is more hospitable. Also, it's spring and we need a TV in the basement for when the tornado sirens go off (usually at 2 a.m.). Unfortunately, the sleeping couch is covered in piles of fabric.
The worst part about storm sirens going off at 2 a.m. is Bhu. "Whachu mean?" Well, you never want to come downstairs with us. You make us chase you all over the house and then you scratch and claw! Very unpleasant. "Me no likes basement." Bhu, we're just trying to save you from the storm! That's why we put you in the carrier, zip it up, and haul you down there. "Maybe if you puts Appetizers down there, too." Bhu, U R 2 MUCH! xxoo Patty

Pee Ess: Here's the "HUH?" part of this post. Mary J. Blige was on Oprah the other day singing "Stairway to Heaven" . . . YES, Led Zeppelin. Hmmmm.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Schpringa 2

This is what you think is going to happen when you buy that bag of 10 daffodils at the hardware store. Clue: It's been 20 years since I planted these. They do spread, or "naturalize" as master gardeners might say, but it takes a while. Just like your butt would do after working in an office job for twenty years. The Cotton Candy Redbuds are blooming now! Just LOVE the color!
Here's the collage I created at my first art class in 40 years. It's not finished, but I am very pleased with it. Unfortunately, I just visited my friend Wanda's blog "A Frayed of Fibers" and this doesn't come anywhere near as creative as all her projects. In due time, Wanda. In due time!

Bhu snoozes. He's been having a hard time keeping his food down these days, but he seems pretty healthy and happy. He's even getting used to having me home all day! "Whatevers. U iz more quiet than usual." xxooo Patty

Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring started with an all-day snow. It was beautiful, but better enjoyed inside than out. The first daffodils sagged under the weight of the heavy, wet snow. Today it's all melted and the daffodils have perked up again.

RETIREMENT: Last day of full-time work was Friday. Sunday, Sabryin and I took a class with Jessie Lawson, one awesome artist who specializes in paintings and collages featuring kittehs. She's got a shop on Etsy and you will find it delightful! As usual, I neglected to take my camera but it was so much fun and so energizing and inspiring.

Today is my first day of not working full-time. I'm actually "on vacation," but I've already placed an order for office supplies, changed the supervisor for one of the students, and answered/forwarded a score of e-mails. That's my way. Don't criticize. Whatever makes the transition smoother, right?

What I can't get used to are the neighbors' dogs. Why don't people train their dogs to bark only when there is an intrusion? Oh, yes, I know: LAZINESS. Open the door in the morning, out they go and out they stay, barking barking all the way. The difference between a "pet" and a DOG: pets get walked, their humans play games with them, occasionally you will see a human in the pet's venue. DOGS JUST BARK. NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM. THEY'RE JUST DOGS, not pets.

Have raspberry canes and asparagus to plant and I imagine it's going to be a battle between me and THE DOG for supremacy in the back yard. Sorry, but I'm going to win, even if I have to intervene with the lack of human attention he gets. Patty speaks.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Functionary Blues

Kitteh Belleh is the most effective and organic anti-depressant I know! Bhu Belleh is a prime example! This weekend I have been suffering from the Functionary Blues and I got it BAD! I usually reserve this space for happy little chipper messages about life with Bhu, but today I will bore everyone with a sad little tale of woe: What will I do with the rest of my life?

Last summer I had lunch-side conversation with friends Corelots and Ann. Ann, retired for about two years at the time, was pursuing free-lance art gigs. Recently, she moved from NYC to a lovely resort town in the mountains of Mexico, a place known for its arts and crafts scene. I asked Corelots, currently a professor, what she intended to do after retirement. This question was not popular, but a reasonable response (tutor) ensued. Corelots (San Francisco) and Ann come back here in the summer to visit a friend who used to be a professor, but who moved back and became an artist and currently co-owns an art gallery. I don't know if "became" is the right word; many of us ARE artists who have had to work as functionaries just to pay the bills. Wages are a drug to which we easily become addicted. It might be stressful, but it's easy and certain: If I do the time, I get the paycheck.

So I am sitting around my house this weekend pondering that question: what will I do? Not "How shall I play?" but "What will I DO?" Cook, clean, launder, iron, pay bills, reconcile bank accounts, go to market, garden, run errands, do chores, make quilts, make other things to sell to people (maybe art), open a booth at the Farmer's Market, pet Bhu.

"Yes, petz me. Petting me is good fur ur soul." xxoo

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Laundry Bhu

Yep, it's Sunday which means it's laundry and ironing day. Bhu has planted himself on top of a very large pile of pants and shirts "so they don'tz fall down," or so he says! "Some of the rinkels goes away if me lays on these clothes long enough." Hmmm, unfortunately you're right. Also, unfortunately, you,re coating all the clean clothes with a lovely layer of luxurious kitteh fur! "zzzzzzzzzzz."

So, what happened to February???? Whoosh! Here's what I can remember. Annabelle & Zuzu got a new brother! There were earthquakes and snowstorms that wreaked havoc on the planet. We were able to hire someone to replace me at work and the next five days will be my last as fiscal officer for the school(YAY)! Sabryin and I made French Onion soup from scratch yesterday, including the most necessary finishing touch: gruyere melted on crusty baguette! Oh YUM, it was good! We had a mysterious power outage last night for 90 minutes (probably in sympathy for all the 'hoods back East that still have the problem today), but it was fun getting out all the candles and opening the drapes to capture the blue moonlight. Fortunately, it was not a bone-chilling night . . . very mild. We had the True/False Film Festival in town, with thousands of folks from all over the world gathering to watch documentaries and independent films for three days. We discovered a wonderful goat cheese flavored with lavender and fennel ("Purple Haze") and started a new tradition on Friday nights (no dinner; just plates of fruit, cheese, meats and bread/crackers accompanied by wine). I'll invite you along next time, which won't be next Friday but the one after. We ordered some of our seeds and plants for the garden, but I have many more to order. If anyone knows of a good, cheap source for caladium bulbs, please let me know. I want to put some in my window boxes this year. Most of February was filled with unimportant and work-related business so it's just as well it's over.

We have had difficulty visiting blogs lately, and Bhu is very upset with me because he is longing for glimpses of Sweet Praline, Maggy (his valentine), and GJ (his pal). He has heard a rumor about the many valentines Sweet Praline received, but is always resigned to the fact that she is the sweetheart of the Kittehnet and rightly deserves the attention. Bhu, you are so laid back and handsome, I'm surprised you don't have more ladycat admirers. "Don't need more. Maggy's plenty fur me!" Ahhhhh, how sweet! xxoo Patty

Sunday, February 14, 2010

True LUV

"Me gotz a valentine furrum Maggy! She is so purrity and has a BIG HEART! Mom, will U teech me hows to make valentines fur Maggy?"

I will do my best, but I'm not very talented in that area. Sabryin made a beautiful watercolor for me (love, love, love it) and informed me that he is the November 2009 main member 2 Battleboats Plus Tournament Champion! "Wow, do U getz prize??" Just a kiss from Lovee, Bhu.

I was trying to think of romantic/love songs this morning and the one I remember most from my childhood is Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly singing "True Love". I actually still have a 45 rpm of it; wonder if it would play? No doubt it could be downloaded to the ipod. "I give to you and you give to me, love forever true." xxoo Patty

Sunday, February 7, 2010

SooPURR Bole Sunday

"Hey, mom! Does we has enough Fancy Feest Appetizers fur today??" Uh, yes, I think so, Bhu. Are you having a party? "Well, me furgotz to invite mai kitteh furrends, but just in case GJ and Sweet P stops by . . . " Don't worry, Bhu. If we run out, I'll go to the store and get more.

As for mom, she's gonna try to get over her adult-onset agoraphobia and head out to Satin Stitches for the fat quarter sale (10 for $20). Then, chores as usual: laundry, ironing, baking cookies, roasting a chicken and root veggies for dinner and working on Valentine's Day cards. "Ooooh, mom, don't furrget about mai valentine!" Ok, Bhu, I won't. xxoo Patty

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Got My MOJO Back!

Finally forced myself to do something with the 30's repro bowtie blocks. I was stalled for a year on this one because I couldn't decide how to set the blocks . . . I think I must have googled it ten times during 2009. Finally found one I liked a couple of weeks ago, Sabryin gave it his dominus vobiscum, and I started sewing them together. I'd like to spend more time on it today, but I have 25 shirts and 12 pairs of pants to iron, plus laundry and cooking. Watchu doin', bhu?

"Y U bothurr me? Me iz hasin' a mindfullness moment." Oh, sorry, Bhu! What do you think of the new quilt? "Iz makin' me DIZZY!" Hmmmmm.