Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Countdown: Day Five

"U missed yesterday." I did, Bhu. I mean, not missed it altogether but wasn't able to file a report about Day Five: Countdown to Retire- ment. "U makes it sound so exciting." Well, I thought you might need some help doing "house security" all day, so I would retire from my job at the University. "Me no needz halp furrum you." But wouldn't it be fun to be together all day? I would be able to give you Fancy Feast whenever you got a little hunger pang. "Furrrget it! U makez too much noise, always singin' and dancin' around. Plus sometimes U bringz out the VAKYOOM machine!" Well, if I can't stay here with you, where will I go? "Back to workz! House security is MAI job, not yours." Hmmmmmmm.


Angel and Kirby said...

But retirement can be fun Bhu!


Oh that's right Bhu!! Momz makez too much noise makez too much messz!!And they don leave u alonez!!

Sachie: Oh please perdon Goma, he is crazy! Hey Bhu can I interview you on my bloggy??? that will be pawsome!!

1:What is your name?

2:How old are you?

3:What do you do for living?

4:What are your special skills?

5:Are you worry about something lately?

6:Have anyone told you you look like somebody famous?

7:Are you shy or social?

8: Do you listen to others?

9:Do you gamble?

10:What is your favorite and least favorite things in the world?

11: What is your ideal girl-friend/boy-friend like?

12: If you have a middle name, what it could be?