Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Paws for Thanks

"Mai mom's been sick since Sunday. She used whole boxa tissues and now nuther one. All she duz is blow nose, sneezes, couffs, blow nose more. But me say thankx for alla pets, treatz, faancy feestz, Bhu limo and Josie visits."
I'm glad you're thankful, Bhu. Would you like to give the kittehs at the shelter some Fancy Feast for Thanksgiving? "Um, um, shure. How it get there?" I will ask Papa to buy some and put it in the shelter's donation bin at the grocery store. "Keh!! Guud idea! Put some Greenies in thair, 2, keh?" Okay.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you cool cats and floofsters out there from Patty, Bhu, and Sabryin! xxoo


Sweet Praline said...

Bhu, I am so sorry to hear your mom has been sick. My mom has been on a new round of antibiotics since Monday.

That is very nice of you to send some of your stinky goodness and treats to the kitties in need.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

A Kitty in need deserves a good deed, and you are da Buh, a good cat that's you.


Hai Bhu!! oh no your momz sickz!? she used whole box tissues? wow she is worse than meee!! Me use few and tear them and mai mom screamz!! it iz funny!! me say me get mai facy festz too this holiday too manyz!! me can't wait xoxoxoxo


hello Patty!! Thanks for using coupon for Bhu's fancy new bed!!! Goma has wave too and he loves it! That has became his bed!! I hope you enjoy!!! and HAPPY THANKS GIVINGS!!