Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flannel Jammies

Bhu, do you want me to mail you to New Jersey for Xmas? "No, me stay here wit U! Don' mail me mommey, keh?" Okay, you can stay here with us, but you have to get out of the box now. It's that time of the year! After next Wednesday, we don't go anywhere near malls, Wal-Mart, or any other centers of mass consumerism. I like to make gifts, even if it just a handmade fabric envelope for a gift card. All our gifts have to be mailed to various parts of the world, so we have to plan and get things done early.

Whatchu want for xmas, Bhu? "Hammick laik Maggy and Zoey hasz." Whatchu want for Thanksgiving dinner? "Buttah 'n olive juice n' carrotZ 'n Fanczy Feazt."


Sweet Praline said...

Mom says you can be mailed to South Carolina to visit us! We don't like going to the malls and stores after Thanksgiving either.


Oh yey Bhu can has boxes!! Mai mom got mee kitty blockz today! your mom should get it too! Looks like you will have too much food and giftz on fanks givenin!! so much funz!!