Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stuck in a moment

We were all standing in Dana Baker's office doorway . . . she had a TV she used to entertain her son Kal when she brought him to the office. I spent the morning calling family to make sure no one had gone there that morning. Meg said she knew someone who was trapped, so a rescue of some sort was important to me. Watching from the back of the assembled viewers, I saw the tower crumble and it was inconceivably all over. I did not cry then. I waited seven years and then I sobbed, loudly and dramatically, in the parking lot as I left my car and walked to my office. But it will never be over for me, no matter how much I cry and no matter how much anger and sadness I feel.


Gerri said...

I don't think any of us will ever forget that moment - that day - that week. For us here in NYC it was the worst nightmare possible. I don't think others can ever fully comprehend the shock, grief and terror that gripped our city. Just about every one of us either lost someone we knew and loved or knew someone who did. My loss was that of my friend's son. He was one of the first firefighting teams at the scene. His remains have never been recovered. In the midst of all that tragedy a wonderful blessing came to my family. Our first grandson was born. Each and every year as we celebrate his birth, we mourn the lives lost and we pray for the future safety of our country. Let us all pray!

Sweet Praline said...

I remember standing in the lobby with all of the college students when I was a professor with my mouth open and tears streaming down my face. The leadership expected us to hold class, but very few students showed up and I don't think I even taught my afternoon and evening classes.

Anonymous said...
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