Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun in the 'Hood

Three beautiful ladies from the 'hood and the tree they planted in the park. Their beaming faces say it all: triumph!! Making the world a better place. Many neighbors got together today with Treekeepers and planted shrubs and trees, composted and mulched them, and resurfaced the nature trail. Glorious team work! Glorious project! Bhu slept the whole time.
I like doing things like this on the weekend cuz during the week at work nobody cooperates, it's all for none and none for all, and we only have successes in our own little cubicles. I talked to my boss about having a staff meeting to try to foster communication to get a little team work going, but it turns out that only certain staff can attend because some of the supervisors think their staff are more important and shouldn't have to gather with the rabble (the rest of us). So in my real life, I can do things to benefit the whole and there isn't even one person who tries to make me feel badly about it.



Oh no that's not nice of your co-workers!! you are doing something great for your community!! I am so proud of u!!xoxo

Meg said...

I could venture a highly inappropriate guess as to the identity of the individuals who feel they are better than the rest. I will not, but I could, and I bed I'd be right. I hope you get filled up with enough love from good people doing good things in your time away that it sustains you while you're there. Do please flip the bird to the old stomping grounds for me if you get the chance. :)

Sweet Praline said...

Sometimes we just have to deal with the non-compliant and antisocial people at work and then really enjoy ourselves when we go home.

I hope Bhu was able to come to Praline's birthday party on Thursday.