Sunday, July 13, 2008

Goma Stars in Music Video!

You really have to see this cuz it's supah CUTE! Click here to see Goma starring in The Smittens music video! Can I has ur paw-tograph, Goma?
Bhu is hoping we will take him to the library this afternoon, so he's camping out on the book bag. He's thinking someone there might want him to be in a video, and he can be a star like Goma!

In honor of Goma and his first starring role, I am sharing this photo of the Shimmering Stars quilt I made several years ago for Meg. I used 1800's reproduction fabrics and it's one of my favorites. xxooo P


dot said...

Love the quilt. It is my color scheme and it just pops.

Sweet Praline said...

Bhu, you are a star in his own right! Don't let anyone tell you anything else! Tell your mom we love the quilt.


Sweet Praline said...


I have left you the "Cool Cat Award" today. Please come by and get it.



weee Bhu you can has mai paws mai furs mai tails anything!! meee want your moms quiltz!! me want smell and sleep on it!! sooo puritty!! you are so lucky bhu!!