Sunday, May 11, 2008

Who's yo momma?

I can't imagine why anyone would think that HUGE pom-pom at the top of my head would make me look cute, but that's the kinda thing I had to put up with until I could afford to buy my own outfits! My mom was pretty much a cute little gal with flaming red hair and big boobs. I didn't get the hair, but I sure got the boobs. She's gone now. Here's the last photo I have of her, all dolled-up at my gorgeous niece Sherri's wedding (as you can see, Sherri got the boobs, too). It looks like she might be winking at the photographer, but actually she had eye surgery that went awry so the wink was permanent. She was always well-coifed and bejeweled with shoes to match, a trait I did not inherit (or at least abandoned when I grew up), but which seems to have passed on to my daughter without my interference.

While scrounging through boxes of photos, I found this of baby Bhu and Mark playing shortly after he joined our family almost eleven years ago. This is his Tasmanian Devil phase. CUTE!!!

And, finally, we sadly mourn the recent death of our 18 year old kitty friend Mary Beth, one of the original Glamour Pussies who lived with our friends Kay, Mike, and Dora. All kitties go straight to heaven, as we know.

Happy Mother's Day from Mommie Dearest! XXOOO P


Sabryin's Game Blog said...

That's Mark's Tazmanian Devil phase, eh? What about the Buh?

DKN said...

Happy Mother's Day, P! (A day late)

Thanks for the shout out to Mary Beth!! :( We will miss her so much!

Gerri said...

I'll trade you red hair for boobs!

SACHIE said...

Goma:Oh Bhu you lookz like me when i is little!! too much cutez!!