Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Skypants Delivers!

I am pleased to announce the timely delivery of Josie's quilt. I LOVE this little one -- everything about it from the fabrics to the quilting. I hope you can see that I used a curved line to quilt through the squares. Other quilters might have been doing this for years/centuries/millenia but it's the first time I've done it and I LOVE the look, so it won't be the last. I wrapped the box in lavender paper with a fuschia bow and used a vintage rose card to express Bhu's, Mark's and my best wishes.

Then, here's a peek into my life: I call it GEEK ROMANCE! Mark bought this bouquet for me because he interrupted my Foxfire download Sunday. The vase is heavy duty, custom-made by Jane Moore (see link below) and includes Bhu's picture. Fresh flowers are a magnet for the Bhu-meister and he loves to nibble on roses, daisies and mums. This bouquet is chock-full-o-mums. He also likes to topple vases, so we asked Jane to make this one, which is so heavy he can't push it over. But look, when was the last time your husband bought you flowers because he interrupted your Foxfire download? Something tells me I'm the ONLY ONE.

After delivering the package to Josie, I stopped off at the local mall and went browsing for new shoes at Dillard's. I found these Born sandals: I LOVE THEM!!!! I'm not quite sure how they will look with purple toe-nail polish, but WHO CARES! I LOVE THEM! Anyway, I tried to take a photo of them to include here and the salesman went apopletic, screaming "I'm sorry ma'am [okay, I automatically HATE anyone who calls me ma'am], you can't take a picture in here!" WHATEVER, DUDE! Frankly, I can't even imagine what he thought I was going to do with the photo. So, I told him, "No problem, I'll just go online and get it." Now I am so totally curious to know if Dillard's actually has a policy against taking photos in the store. Wouldn't that be BIZARRE if it was true???

Today I love EVERYONE (even the nervous salesman) because I have the DAY OFF!!! C'mere and let me give you a BIG HUG!!!!


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dimi said...

WOW! the quilt is absoLUTly gorgeous! The sandals are super cute. And I'm jealous about the flowers. Glad you had the day off. But I can't believe you went shopping at the mall! What's up with that? :-)