Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nirvana, so to speak

This is spring break on campus. Normally, this area is swarming with size 2s, ponytails and late-bloomer acne. Wanna park right next to the entrance in the garage? NO PROBLEM! Don't havta worry about the head five bodies in front of you ordering the last slice of pepperoni at Shakespeare's! No bicycles to dodge, no chattery, inane cellphone conversations right outside my window and GLORIOUSLY NO SMOKERS!!!
Unfortunately, a new Amy Butler collection has been unveiled and Igottahavit! Payday's next Wednesday. But Igottachoose! Not my forte. has this collection as well as a lot of Amy's former collections and they are offering a 10% discount right now. The problem is I've got an $800 car insurance bill headed for my mailbox. Fabric or Car Insurance? Hmmmmmm. I'm also such a Posh by Chez Moi freak. My next purchase from the Fat Quarter Shoppe:

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Anonymous said...

Well, you won't need car insurance if you drive extra-carefully, and then also you won't be able to buy gasoline, so why worry?