Saturday, January 19, 2008

Publication Leads to Boredom

Arctic air has blasted us today. I'm simply NOT venturing outside. I have a ton of ironing to do; I've already made the beds and swept the floors and emptied the waste baskets. But on the coldest days, I always think about the garden and how it will soon be blooming! I am also VERY happy to have made so many cozy, warm, colorful quilts!

I'm totally in LOVE with my Solomon's Seal plants and I want more. Not an easy plant to find, but once it's established it is a stately friend spring through fall. Still searching for these, but while Googling I found a company that is having a 50% off perennials sale right now: American Meadows ( There are fantastic bargains on hostas, clematis, peonies, sedum, echinacea, hollyhocks (my all-time favorites), butterfly weed, and many others. They also sell 50 cent seed packets for gifting.

Can't find anyone who wants to share sweet potato plants, so I'm just going to order all twelve, plant them in pots and maybe sell the ones I don't need at a garage sale or something.


Meg said...

PATTY! I will DEFINITELY share sweet potato plants with you! Gimme some details! I'm going to check out that website and drool over potential spring plantings. I'll be by your neck of the woods next week or so & we should hammer out the specifics. :)

Patty said...

Cool!! See you then!